Karma in Hinduism

The law of causation or of Karma in¬cludes the law that the like produces the like, or that every action must be followed by a reaction of similar nature.Motives, desires, thoughts and other mental functions being subject to the same law, produce good, bad or mixed re¬sults according to the nature of those mental activities. As all the mental activities

The doctrine of Karma includes the law of compensation and the law of retribution. These are the fundamental verities of nature. As every effect must have a cause, every consequence must have an antecedent, so also there must be equal balance between a cause and its effect, between an antecedent and a consequence.

The law of retribution is the inexorable necessity in nature. Every action re¬acts and brings its own reward or punish¬ment first in the inner nature or soul, and then in the external circumstances in the form of gain or loss, prosperity or adversity, health or disease.