Ramakrishna Kathamrita | Life of Ramakrishna

Chapter 1 MASTER AND DISCIPLE February 1882 M.'s first visit to the Master IT WAS ON A SUNDAY in spring, a few days after Sri Ramakrishna's birthday, that M. met him the first time. Sri Ramakrishna lived at the Kailibari, the temple garden of Mother Kali, on the bank of the Ganges at Dakshineswar. M., being at leisure on Sundays,

Chapter 3 VISIT TO VIDYASAGAR August 5, 1882 PUNDIT ISWAR CHANDRA VIDYASAGAR was born in the village of Beersingh, not far from Kamarpukur, Sri Ramakrishna's birthplace. He was known as a great scholar, educator, writer, and philanthropist. One of the creators of modern Bengali, he was also well versed in Sanskrit grammar and poetry. His generosity made his name a

Chapter 4 ADVICE TO HOUSEHOLDERS August 13, 1882 THE MASTER WAS CONVERSING with Kedār and some other devotees in his room in the temple garden. Kedār was a government official and had spent several years at Dāccā, in East Bengal, where he had become a friend of Vijay Goswami. The two would spend a great part of their time together,

Chapter 5 THE MASTER AND KESHAB October 27, 1882 Master's boat trip with Keshab IT WAS FRIDAY, the day of the Lakshmi Puja. Keshab Chandra Sen had arranged a boat trip on the Ganges for Sri Ramakrishna. About four o'clock in the afternoon the steamboat with Keshab and his Brahmo followers cast anchor in the Ganges alongside the Kāli temple

Chapter 10 THE MASTER WITH THE BRAHMO DEVOTEES (II) April 22, 1883 Master's visit to Brāhmo festival SRI RAMAKRISHNA paid a visit to Benimadhav Pal's garden house at Sinthi, near Calcutta, on the occasion of the semi-annual festival of the Brāhmo Samaj. Many devotees of the Samaj were present and sat around the Master. Now and then some of them

Chapter 6 THE MASTER WITH THE BRAHMO DEVOTEES (I) October 28, 1882 IT WAS SATURDAY. The semi-annual Brahmo festival, celebrated each autumn and spring, was being held in Benimadhav Pal's beautiful garden house at Sinthi, about three miles north of Calcutta. The house stood in a secluded place suited for contemplation. Trees laden with flowers, artificial lakes with grassy banks,

Chapter 7 THE MASTER AND VIJAY GOSWAMI Thursday, December 14, 1882 IT WAS AFTERNOON. Sri Ramakrishna was sitting on his bed after a short noonday rest. Vijay, Balaram, M., and a few other devotees were sitting on the floor with their faces toward the Master. They could see the sacred river Ganges through the door. Since it was winter all

Chapter 8 THE MASTER'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION AT DAKSHINESWAR Sunday, February 18, 1883 SRI RAMAKRISHNA arrived at Govinda Mukherji's house at Belgharia, near Calcutta. Besides Narendra, Ram, and other devotees, some of Govinda's neighbours were present. The Master first sang and danced with the devotees. After the kirtan they sat down. Many saluted the Master. Now and then he would say,

Chapter 9 ADVICE TO THE BRAHMOS Saturday, April 7, 1883 SRI RAMAKRISHNA was visiting Balarām in Calcutta, with Narendra, Bhavanath, Rākhāl, M., and others. Balarām, at the Master's bidding, had invited some of the young devotees to lunch. Sri Ramakrishna often said to him, "Feed them now and then; that will confer on you the merit of feeding holy men."

2. Birth and boyhood The blessed hour for which Khudiram and Chandra were anxiously waiting at last arrived: In the early hours of the morning of February 18, 1836, Chandra gave birth to a boy whom the world was to know afterwards by the name of Śrī Ramakrishna. Learned astrologers predicted a great future for the child, and Khudiram was