Devī, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda

Love, the Reality behind

This is the renunciation of the Bhakta: this mighty attraction in the direction of God makes all other attraction vanish for him; this mighty infinite love of God which enters his heart leaves no place for any other love to live there. How can it be otherwise? Bhakti fills his heart with the divine waters of the ocean of love,which is God Himself.

Bhakti Yoga - the Natural Path | Vivekananda

“The intense pleasure in meditating on God took away the binding effects of her good deeds. Then her intense misery of soul in not attaining unto Him washed off all her sinful propensities; and then she became free.”the various passions, and feelings, and emotions in the human heart are not wrong in themselves; only they have to be carefully controlled and given a higher and

How LOVE Manifests Itself | Vivekananda

Those who talk of Him alone, the Bhakta finds to be friendly to him; while those who talk of anything else appear to him to be unfriendly. A still higher stage of love is reached when life itself is maintained for the sake of the one Ideal of Love, when life itself is considered beautiful and worth living only on account of that Love.

Self-Surrender to Divine Will

If you know that you are positively other than your body, you have then none to fight with or struggle against; you are dead to all ideas of selfishness.So the Bhakta declares that we have to hold ourselves as if we are altogether dead to all the things of the world; and that is indeed self-surrender. Let things come as they may.

Highest Knowledge and Love are One | Vivekananda

The Upanishads distinguish between a higher knowledge and a lower knowledge; and to the Bhakta there is really no difference between this higher knowledge and his higher love (Para-Bhakti). Of these the Lower (knowledge) consists of all conditioned disciplines, the Higher (knowledge) is that by which that unchangeable is known.

3 Characteristics of Love

As long as there is in us any idea of deriving this or that favour from God in return for our respect and allegiance to Him,there can be no true love growing in our hearts. The second characteristic of love is that love knows no fear and True love never comes until the object of our love becomes to us our highest Ideal.

God of Love is His Own Proof | Vivekananda

When the devotee has reached this point, he is no more impelled to ask whether God can be demonstrated or not, whether He is omnipotent and omniscient or not. To him He is only the God of Love: He is the highest ideal of love, and that is sufficient for all his purposes; He, as love, is self-evident; it requires no proofs to demonstrate the

Human Representations of Divine Love | Vivekananda

The love which is in you, if it is given to any human being, will sooner or later bring pain and sorrow as the result. Our love must, therefore, be given to the Highest One, who never dies and who never changes—to Him, in the ocean of whose love there is neither ebb nor flow.Love must get to its right destination; it must go unto