Śrīmad Devī Bhāgavatam Purāṇa for all Devi bhaktas, devotees of Divine Mother. This is the most important and ancient Purāṇa for all Śaktas.

Śrīmad Devī Bhāgavatam Purāṇa is considered a Mahā Purāṇa for Devī worshippers. It consists of 12 cantos (sections) with 318 chapters.

Along with Devī Māhātmya, it is one of the most important works in Śaktism, a tradition within Hinduism that reveres Devī or Śakti (the Divine Mother of all) as the primordial creator of the universe and the Ultimate Truth and Reality.

Devī Bhāgavatam celebrates the Divine Mother as the origin of all existence, the creator, the preserver and the destroyer of everything, as well as the one who empowers spiritual liberation.

Here you can read online Devī Bhāgavatam, translated by Swami Vijñanananda.

A lot work has been done to proofread the old translation, make sure all Sanskrit terms and mantras are written correct and to give some styling for more convenient reading. I believe it is the most complete edition of Devi Bhagavatam Purana online as far I know.


Chapter I The questions asked by Śaunaka and others
Chapter II The questions asked by Śaunaka and other Rishis.
Chapter III Praising of the Purāṇas and about each Vyāsa of every Dvāpara Yuga
Chapter IV The Excellency of the Devī
Chapter V The story about Hayagrīva
Chapter VI About the preparation for war by Madhu Kaiṭabha
Chapter VII Brahma Praising the Devī
Chapter VIII About deciding who is to be worshipped
Chapter IX About the killing of Madhu Kaiṭabha
Chapter X About Śiva’s granting boons
Chapter XI About the birth of Buddha
Chapter XII About the birth of Pururavā
Chapter XIII About Urvaśī and Pururavā
Chapter XIV About the birth of Śūka Deva and the duties of householders
Chapter XV About the dispassion of Śūka and the instructions of Bhagavatī to Hari
Chapter XVI How Śūka wanted to go to Mithilā to see Janaka
Chapter XVII About Śūka’s displaying his self-control amidst the women of the palace of Mithilā
Chapter XVIII Janaka’s teachings to Śūka Deva
Chapter XIX Description of the marriage of Śūka
Chapter XX How Vyāsa was doing his duties
Chapter I About the birth of Matsyagandhā
Chapter II About the birth of Vyāsa Deva
Chapter III Description of the curse on Gangā, Mahābhiṣa and Vasus
Chapter IV The birth of the Vasus
Chapter V The marriage of Satyavatī
Chapter VI The birth of the Pānḍavas
Chapter VII About showing the departed ones
Chapter VIII The extinction of the family of Yadu and the story about Parīksit
Chapter IX The story about Rurū
Chapter X The death of king Parīksit
Chapter XI About the Sarpa Yajña
Chapter XII About the birth of Āstika
Chapter I The questions asked by Janamejaya
Chapter II About Rudras going towards the heavens in the celestial car
Chapter III About seeing the Devī
Chapter IV The hymns to the Great Devī by Viṣṇu
Chapter V The chanting of hymns by Hara and Brahmā
Chapter VI Description of the Devī’s Vibhūtis (powers)
Chapter VII About the creation and the Tattvas and their presiding deities
Chapter VIII About the Guṇas and their forms
Chapter IX The characteristics of the Guṇas
Chapter X The story of Satyavrata
Chapter XI About the merits of the Devī in the story of Satyavrata
Chapter XII About the Ambā Yajña rules
Chapter XIII About the Devī Yajña by Śrī Viṣṇu
Chapter XIV The story about the glories of Devī
Chapter XV The battle between Yudhājit and Vīrasena
Chapter XVI The glory of the Devī
Chapter XVII The story about Viśvāmitra
Chapter XVIII The Svayamvara of Śaśikalā
Chapter XIX How Svayamvara went to assembly of Sudarśana
Chapter XX About the Svayamvara hall and the king’s conversation there
Chapter XXI How the king of Benares fulfilled the advice of his daughter
Chapter XXII About the marriage of Sudarśana
Chapter XXIII The killing of the enemy of Sudarśana in the great war
Chapter XXIV The installation of Durgā Devī in the city of Benares
Chapter XXV The installation of the Devī in Ayodhyā and Benares
Chapter XXVI What should be practiced in Navarātri
Chapter XXVII Which virgins are fit to be worshipped and the Glory of the Devī
Chapter XXVIII The incidents connected with Navarātri
Chapter XXIX The stealing of Sītā and the sorrows of Rāma
Chapter XXX The story about Navarātra ceremony by Nārada and the performance of that by Rāma Chandra
Chapter I The questions of Janamejaya about the incarnation of Kṛṣṇa
Chapter II About the supremacy of the effects of Karma
Chapter III About the former curse of Vāsudeva and Devakī
Chapter IV About Adharma
Chapter V The dialogues of Nara Nārāyaṇa
Chapter VI About the origin of Urvaśī
Chapter VII About Ahaṁkāra
Chapter VIII About visiting Tīrthas
Chapter IX The fight between the Riṣis and Prahlāda
Chapter X How Viṣṇu was cursed by Bhrigu
Chapter XI How Śukra went to Mahādeva to get the Mantra
Chapter XII The Bhrigu’s curse and the dialogue between Śukrāchārya and the Daityas
Chapter XIII About cheating the Daityas
Chapter XIV How the Daityas got back their Śukrāchārya
Chapter XV About the truce between the Daityas and the Devas
Chapter XVI About the Birth of the several Avatāras of Viṣṇu and their deeds
Chapter XVII The questions asked by Janamejaya
Chapter XVIII How Devī Earth went to the Heavens
Chapter XIX How to chant hymns to the Devī
Chapter XX About Devakī’s marriage
Chapter XXI The killing of the sons of Devakī
Chapter XXII About the partial incarnations of several Devas
Chapter XXIII The birth of Śrī Kṛṣṇa
Chapter XXIV How Pradyumna was stolen
Chapter XXV About the Devī’s Highest Supremacy
Chapter I About the superiority of Rudra over Viṣṇu
Chapter II The birth of Dānava Mahiṣa
Chapter III Daitya armies preparing for a war
Chapter IV The war counsels given by Indra
Chapter V The defeat of the Dānava forces of Mahiṣa
Chapter VI The war between Devas and Dānavas
Chapter VII Devas going to Kailāśa for help
Chapter VIII The origin and the form of the Devī
Chapter IX How gods were worshipping Devī
Chapter X Messenger of Devas delivers ultimatum to Mahiṣa
Chapter XI How Dānava Tāmra appeared in front of Devī
Chapter XII The holding of counsel by Mahiṣāsura
Chapter XIII The killing of Vāskala and Durmukha
Chapter XIV The killing of Tāmra and Chikṣura
Chapter XV The slaying of Vidālākṣa and Asilomā
Chapter XVI The conversation between the Devī and Mahiṣāsura
Chapter XVII Stories of Mandodarī
Chapter XVIII The killing of the Dānava Mahiṣāsura
Chapter XIX The prayer and hymns to the Devī
Chapter XX The Age of peace in the world
Chapter XXI The conquest of the Heavens by Śumbha and Niśumbha
Chapter XXII The eulogising of the Devī by the Devas
Chapter XXIII The prowess of Kauśikī
Chapter XXIV Dhūmralochana giving the news
Chapter XXV How Dhūmralochana was killed
Chapter XXVI The killing of Chaṇḍa and Muṇḍa
Chapter XXVII Description of the war of Raktavīja
Chapter XXVIII How Goddesses were fighting with Demons
Chapter XXIX The killing of Raktavīja
Chapter XXX The killing of Niśumhha
Chapter XXXI The death of Śumbha
Chapter XXXII King Suratha going to the forest for Wisdom
Chapter XXXIII The greatness of the Devī
Chapter XXXIV How to worship the Devī
Chapter XXXV King Suratha and the Vaiśya Samādhi receiving boons from Devī
Chapter I About Triśirā’s austerities
Chapter II The birth of Vritrāsura
Chapter III About the Deva defeat and About Vritra’s tapasyā
Chapter IV About the defeat of the Devas by Vritra
Chapter V About praising the Devī
Chapter VI The slaying of Vritrāsura
Chapter VII How Indra was living under disguise in the Mānas Lake
Chapter VIII How Śachī was praising the Devī
Chapter IX How Indra received the fruits of Brahmāhatyā and the fall of king Nahuṣa
Chapter X About the phases of Karma
Chapter XI About the ascertainment of Dharma
Chapter XII About the cause of the war between Ādi and Baka
Chapter XIII Description of the battle between Ādi and Baka after the discourse about Śunahśepha
Chapter XIV The birth of Vaṣiṣṭha from Mitrā Varuṇa
Chapter XV How Nimi received another body and the beginning of the story of Haihayas
Chapter XVI About the incidents preliminary to the Haihaya and Bhārgava affairs
Chapter XVII About the continuance of the family of Bhrigu
Chapter XVIII About the origin of the Haihaya Dynasty
Chapter XIX About the origin of Haihayas from a mare
Chapter XX About the son born of mare by Hari
Chapter XXI About the installation of Ekavīra and the birth of Ekāvalī
Chapter XXII The story how Haihaya stole Ekāvalī
Chapter XXIII The battle of Haihaya and Kālaketu
Chapter XXIV Description of Vikṣepa Śakti
Chapter XXV The cause of Moha of Vyāsa Deva asked before Nārada
Chapter XXVI Nārada describing his own Moha
Chapter XXVII The marriage of Nārada and why his face was transformed into a face of monkey
Chapter XXVIII How Nārada got the feminine form
Chapter XXIX How Nārada got again his male form
Chapter XXX The glory of Mahā Māyā
Chapter XXXI The glory of Māyā
Chapter I The history of Solar and Lunar Kings
Chapter II About the piercing of the eyes of Chyavana Muni
Chapter III How King Śaryāti gave his daughter to Chyavana Muni as a wife
Chapter IV The conversation between the two Aśvīns and the Princess Sukanyā
Chapter V How Chyavana Muni miraculously got back his youth
Chapter VI How the right to drink the Soma juice was granted to Aśvīns
Chapter VII How the twin Aśvīns were allowed to drink the Soma Cup
Chapter VIII About the King Revata and the Solar Dynasty
Chapter IX The story about Kākutstha and the origin of Māndhātā
Chapter X The story about Satyavrata
Chapter XI The story about Triśanku
Chapter XII Description of Vaṣiṣṭha’s curse on Triśanku
Chapter XIII Viśvāmitra visiting Triśanku
Chapter XIV How Triśanku went to Heavens and the beginning of Hariśchandra’s story
Chapter XV The story about King Hariśchandra
Chapter XVI The story about Śunahśepha
Chapter XVII The freeing of Śunahśepha and the curing of Hariśchandra
Chapter XVIII How the quarrel between Hariśchandra and Viśvāmitra started
Chapter XIX How Hariśchandra was deprived of his Kingdom
Chapter XX About the earnestness of Hariśchandra to pay off the Dakṣiṇā
Chapter XXI Description of the sorrows of Hariśchandra
Chapter XXII How the wife of Hariśchandra was sold
Chapter XXIII How the King Hariśchandra agreed to be a slave of Chāṇḍāla
Chapter XXIV The work of Hariśchandra in the burning ground
Chapter XXV The quarrels between Hariśchandra and Viśvāmitra
Chapter XXVI The sorrows of Hariśchandra described
Chapter XXVII How Hariśchandra went to the Heavens
Chapter XXVIII The glory of the Śatākṣī Devī
Chapter XXIX About the birth of the Bhagavatī in the house of Dakṣa
Chapter XXX The birth of Gaurī, the seats of the Deity, and the distraction of Śiva
Chapter XXXI The Birth of Pārvatī in the House of Himālayās
Chapter XXXII About Self-realization, Spoken by the World Mother
Chapter XXXIII About the Devī’s Virāt Rūpa
Chapter XXXIV About the Knowledge and Final Emancipation
Chapter XXXV About the Yoga and Mantra Siddhi
Chapter XXXVI About the Highest Knowledge of Brahmā
Chapter XXXVII About Bhakti Yoga
Chapter XXXVIII The Vows and the Sacred Places of the Devī
Chapter XXXIX The Worship of the World Mother
Chapter XL The External Worship of the Devī
Chapter I The description of the worlds
Chapter II The uplifting of the Earth by the Sacrificial Boar
Chapter III Description of the family of Manu
Chapter IV The story about the family of Priyavrata
Chapter V Description of the receptacle of beings and holy mountains and the origin of rivers
Chapter VI The holy rivers, Śumeru and other holy mountains
Chapter VII About the Ganges and the Varṣas
Chapter VIII Description of Īlāvrita
Chapter IX Description of the origin of continents
Chapter X Description of Bhuvanakoṣa
Chapter XI Description of the continents and of Bhāratvarṣa
Chapter XII The story about Plakṣa, Śālmala and Kuśa Dvīpas
Chapter XIII Description of the remaining Dvīpas
Chapter XIV Description of the Lokāloka space
Chapter XV About the motion of the Sun
Chapter XVI About the motion of the planets
Chapter XVII About the Dhruva Maṇḍalam
Chapter XVIII The story of Rāhu Maṇḍalam
Chapter XIX The story about Atala, etc.
Chapter XX The story about Talātala
Chapter XXI Description of hells
Chapter XXII Description of the sins leading to hells
Chapter XXIII Description of the remaining hells
Chapter XXIV How to worship Devī
Chapter I Description of the Prākriti
Chapter II The origin of Prakriti and Puruṣa
Chapter III The origin of Brahmā, Viṣṇu, Maheśa and others
Chapter IV The hymn, worship and Kavācha of Saraswatī Devī
Chapter V Saraswatī stotra by Yājñyavalkya
Chapter VI How Lakṣmī, Gangā and Saraswatī incarnated in this world
Chapter VII About the curses of Gangā, Saraswatī and Lakṣmī
Chapter VIII About the greatness of Kālī
Chapter IX About the origin of the Śaktī of the Earth
Chapter X The offences caused to the Earth and punishments for it
Chapter XI How the River Gangā originated
Chapter XII About the origin of Gangā
Chapter XIII The story about Gangā
Chapter XIV How Gangā became the wife of Nārāyaṇa
Chapter XV The story about Tulasī
Chapter XVI The incarnation of Mahā Lakṣmī in the house of Kuśadhvaja
Chapter XVII The story about Tulasī
Chapter XVIII The union of Śankhachūḍa with Tulasī
Chapter XIX How the Devas went to Vaikuṇṭha after Tulasī’s marriage with Śankhachūḍa
Chapter XX The preparations for a war between Śankhachūḍa and Devas
Chapter XXI About the meeting of Mahādeva and Śankhachūḍa for an encounter in conflict
Chapter XXII The fight between the Devas and Śankhachūḍa
Chapter XXIII How Śankhachūḍa was killed
Chapter XXIV About the glory of Tulasī
Chapter XXV How to worship Tulasī Devī
Chapter XXVI The story about Sāvitrī
Chapter XXVII The birth and life of Sāvitrī
Chapter XXVIII The story about Sāvitrī
Chapter XXIX The story about Sāvitrī, gifts and the effects of Karmas
Chapter XXX The conversation between Sāvitrī and Yama and about the fruition of Karmas
Chapter XXXI How Yama gave the Śaktī Mantra to Sāvitrī
Chapter XXXII Various hells for sinners described in detail
Chapter XXXIII Description of the destinies of different sinners in different hells
Chapter XXXIV Description of the various hells
Chapter XXXV Description of the various hells for the various sinners
Chapter XXXVI Those who worship the Five Devatās don’t have to fear from Yama
Chapter XXXVII The eighty-six Kuṇḍas and their characteristics
Chapter XXXVIII The glories of the Devī and the nature of Bhakti
Chapter XXXIX The story about Mahā Lakṣmī
Chapter XL About the birth of Lakṣmī in the discourse of Nārada and Nārāyaṇa
Chapter XLI About the churning of the ocean and how Lakṣmī appeared
Chapter XLII Dhyānam and Stotra of Mahā Lakṣmī
Chapter XLIII The story about Svāhā
Chapter XLIV The story of Svadhā Devī told by Nārada and Nārāyaṇa
Chapter XLV The story about Dakṣiṇā
Chapter XLVI The story about Ṣaṣṭhī Devī
Chapter XLVII Manasā’s story
Chapter XLVIII The story about Manasā
Chapter XLIX The story about Surabhi
Chapter L The Glory of Śaktī
Chapter I The story about Svāyambhūva Manu
Chapter II The conversation between Nārada and the Vindhya Mountain
Chapter III Vindhya Mountain trying to obstruct the course of the Sun
Chapter IV Devas visiting Mahā Deva
Chapter V Devas visiting Viṣṇu
Chapter VI Devas praying to the Muni Agastya
Chapter VII About the checking of the rise of the Vindhya Range
Chapter VIII The origin of Manu
Chapter IX The story about Chākṣuṣa Manu
Chapter X The story about King Suratha
Chapter XI The killing of Madhu Kaiṭabha
Chapter XII The story about Sāvarṇi Manu
Chapter XIII The story of Bhrāmarī Devī
Chapter I What should be done in the morning
Chapter II How to cleanse several parts of the body
Chapter III The glories of the Rudrākṣa beads
Chapter IV The greatness of the Rudrākṣa
Chapter V About the Rudrākṣam rosaries
Chapter VI The greatness of Rudrākṣas
Chapter VII About the greatness of one faced, etc., Rudrākṣam
Chapter VIII About Bhūta Śuddhi
Chapter IX The rules of Śirovrata
Chapter X On the subject of Gauṇa Bhaṣma
Chapter XI The greatness of the three kinds of Bhaṣmas
Chapter XII The greatness of holding the Tripuṇḍra and Bhaṣma
Chapter XIII The greatness of Bhaṣma
Chapter XIV The greatness of holding the Vibhuti
Chapter XV How to use Tripuṇḍra and Ūrdhapuṇḍra marks
Chapter XVI Description of Sandhyā Upāsānā
Chapter XVII Description of Sandhyā and other daily practices
Chapter XVIII The Greatness of the Devī Puja
Chapter XIX The midday Sandhyā
Chapter XX Description of Brahmā Yajña, Sandhyās, etc.
Chapter XXI Gāyatrī Puraścharaṇam
Chapter XXII The rules of Vaiśvadeva
Chapter XXIII The Tapta Krichchhra vrata and others
Chapter XXIV About Sadāchāra
Chapter I Description of Gāyatrī
Chapter II Description of the Śaktis, etc., of the syllables of Gāyatrī
Chapter III Description of the Kavācha of Śrī Gāyatrī Devī
Chapter IV Gāyatrī Hridaya
Chapter V Gāyatrī Stotra
Chapter VI The one thousand and eight names of the Gāyatrī
Chapter VII The Dīkṣā vidhi or the rules of Initiation
Chapter VIII The appearance of the Highest Śaktī
Chapter IX About the cause of Śraddhā in other Devas than the Devī Gāyatrī
Chapter X Description of Maṇi Dvīpa
Chapter XI Description of the enclosure walls built of Padmarāga maṇi, etc., of the Maṇi Dvīpa
Chapter XII Description of Maṇi Dvīpa
Chapter XIII Description of Janamejaya’s Devī Yajña
Chapter XIV The fruits of Devī Bhāgavatam Purāṇa recitation